A film about Kenneth Reams
by Anne-Frederique Widmann

Art and love have freed Kenneth from his mental chains. Sentenced to death, he was able to survive decades of imprisonment in complete isolation. He found a purpose in life, when all signs of hope seemed lost.

Told through the charismatic voice of inmate Kenneth Reams, FREE MEN is a film about human resilience.
In solitary confinement for the last 25 years, Kenneth has pushed back the walls of his cell to become a painter, a poet, the founder of a non-profit, and an art event organizer – while fighting at the same time for justice.
At age 18, Kenneth Reams was convicted for capital murder without firing a bullet. He became the youngest inmate on Arkansas death row. Alongside art, the film shows how love can cross barbed wire and the length of an ocean in Kenneth’s love for Isabelle, a French artist who wants to become his wife. While Arkansas rushes to execute ten inmates in ten days – an absolute American record - the film captures Kenneth’s struggle, with unprecedented access to his daily battle, and raises universal questions -
How can we fight injustice? How can we continue to move forward and find a sense of purpose in life?
FREE MEN is a film for all those who have thought, one day, of giving up.



Anne-Frédérique Widmann

Intermezzo Film

Costanza Francavilla

Director of photography
Karim Amin

Ana Acosta

Nicolas Binggeli


International Film Festival Of Human Rights
Geneva, Switzerland - 04/2018

Beirut Human Rights Film Festival
Beirut, Lebanon - 10/13/2018

Mexico DocsMX
Mexico City, Mexico - 10/19/2018

Austin Film Festival
Austin, USA - 10/26/2018

Human Rights Film Tour
Islamabad, Pakistan - 12/01/2018